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Speed rapier loom
    Integrating the features of rapier looms of Model GA74 and other imported and domestic rapier looms, Model GA736 rapier loom is specially designed for weaving of heavy fabrics. Main features:
    Wefting device adopts 6-connecting-rod wefting structure and can ensure the adjustment of the rapier entry and exit time and ensure stable wefting and weftconnection.
    This machine adopts 4 connecting rods, short connectors and short reed seat tocomplete the beating motion, the rocker shaft adopts φ110mm seamless tube to ensure the beating strengthand can be suitable for high-speed motion and weaving of heavy and high density fabrics.
    The rapier transmission box adopts the advanced helix umbrella gears to ensure stable transmission.
    The tension device adopts 3-rear-beam tension structure, which I specially designed for balancing the warp tension of high-density weaving and can improve the quality of the weaving fabrics.

Major technical parameters
Model GA736
Rated width 2000 2300 2800 (mm)
Speed 230~255 200~230 170~200 (r/min)
Motor power 1.8KW
Shedding device GT221 dobby machine
Wefting 6 connecting rods wefting
Beat-up method 4 connecting rods short connectors beat-up
Color selection 4 or6 colors
Electric control make use of computer electric
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